Mother’s Day Message

Mother’s Day Message


Talesha, of JT Essentialz here wishing everyone a great Mother’s Day. I just wanted to take a moment and share a message today. 

As little girls growing up we used to play this game called “house” and I always wanted to be “the mommy”. I didn’t care how many other girls were there I WAS MOMMY. I was the best Mom there was in my eyes and couldn’t wait until it was real one day.

At the age of 16, I was told that dream would never come true and even if it did I would miscarry. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, and was told at that time there wasn’t really a cure. As a young girl this broke my heart, and I could see the pain in my own mother’s eyes. The dream that I could’ve  given her a grandchild was shattering.

Well I stand here today with the help of God, a proud mom of two boys. Yes I had miscarriages and yes I felt like that Dr was right. But I kept my faith and stayed determined. And now there are a LOT of products that will help with my condition that I look forward to providing in the near future.

Everyone’s story didn’t happen like mine and for that reason I share this message today. Yes let’s celebrate our accomplishments, but let’s also share a message of hope to someone who couldn’t. There is a mother today that has lost a child or has lost their mom . For those ladies, Mother’s Day will never be the same. Today I want to give the biggest virtual hug ever, yes it’s ok to cry. But remember the sun will always come out tomorrow, unless it rains of course. Today we are thinking of you and praying for continued strength. I challenge you, if you know someone that is going through this to share this link in hopes that they gain a smile for today. 




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